0800 is an experimental short film about human fear. It was exhibited in the Papier und Gelb Gallery in Düsseldorf in October 2020.
Fear, or anxiety, is a constant companion in the lives of many people. We wanted to approach this topic artistically through sound and image.
The basis of our concept is the depth-psychological study of pschoanalyst Fritz Riemann, which was published in 1961 under the title "Grundformen der Angst". Through image and sound our project depicts the four categories of fear (Deppresive, schizoid, compulsive, and hysteric). Every category consists of two specific fears.
Eight fears are shown in eighty second long videos. Just like the zero all of the eight films form a circle. Just like the eight they can be played on loop. The last clip depicts an escape, which can be interpreted by the viewer in whichever way he likes. The "escape" has ninety seconds of playtime and is not loopable.

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